Tidal Temptantions Collection

Our vision is to fuse creativity, luxury, and cultural heritage into each meticulously crafted clutch and handbag, redefining women's self-expression through accessories. Founded in Egypt in 2018, our fashion house is dedicated to crafting unique pieces that serve as canvases for art and individuality, embodying our belief that "A clutch is a canvas for art & self-expression."

About Us

Sand & Lily

Sand & Lily is a fashion house that was founded in Egypt, in 2018. We are on a mission to create unique luxury clutches and handbags that allow women to express themselves through the bags they wear. The aim is to bring our slogan to life in every collection “A clutch is a canvas for art & self-expression.” We are, proudly, an Egyptian brand that works in partnership with the finest craftsmanships from Italy, Spain and Portugal, creating limited collections.

Meet the Founders

Sandy was born in the US, spent her early childhood in Dubai and her youth in Egypt. After completing her MBA in the UK, she began her career, in Egypt, as a management consultant, spending 15 years in corporate life and working on several iconic national and global projects. In 2018, she decided to quit the corporate life and venture into the fashion world. All she knew, then, was that she loved clutches more than any other accessory, but one step at a time, Sand & Lily gave her wings to freely express her creativity and passion. Liliane, born to an Egyptian-Lebanese family, she has always had a passion for tailoring. She used to design, tailor and embroider her own clothes since the age of 16. Her experience with fabrics and her keen eye ensure our quality and attention to details.

We are not for the ordinary women